Employment Opportunities at Northwest



INSTRUCTIONS: copy and complete the application; attach a resume; have two letters of recommendation written and have official transcripts sent to the address on the back of the application. You may call 662-562-3211 with questions.

Affirmative Action 
Northwest Mississippi Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, gender identity, age, or status as a veteran or disabled veteran in all its programs and activities. Northwest Mississippi Community College prohibits sexual harassment and all forms of sexual violence, regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation. The following have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990/Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973: Disability Support Services Coordinator, Tate Hall, P.O. Box 5555, 4975 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668, telephone number 662-562-3309, e-mail address gbeard@northwestms.edu; Title II of the Age Discrimination Act: Vice President for Finance and Administration, James P. McCormick Administration Building, P.O. Box 7017, 4975 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668, telephone number 662-562-3216, e-mail address jhorton@northwestms.edu; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972/Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Associate Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management, Tate Hall, P.O. Box 7010, 4975 Highway 51 North, Senatobia, MS 38668, telephone number 662-562-3409, e-mail address trush@northwestms.edu.

Safety Statement
The safety and security of students, faculty, and staff is very important to Northwest Mississippi Community College. A copy of the Annual Security Report, published annually by the Campus Police Department, details Northwest policies and procedures regarding campus safety. A copy of the report, which contains the annual crime statistics report, is available online in the current Northwest Bulletin (www.northwestms.edu/bulletin) or on the Northwest website (http://www.northwestms.edu/index.php/?page_id=989) and in printed form upon request from the Campus Police Office (662-562-3314).

Athletic Academic Advisor - Deadline for Application: February 28, 2020

POSITION:  Athletic Academic Advisor Statement of Position:  The Athletic Academic Advisor shall be responsible in carrying out the supervision and direction of academics for the Northwest MS Community College athletic department. Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university, Master’s degree preferred, prior academic advising experience preferred, four-year or community college experience preferred. Responsibilities:

  1. Direct and supervise all aspects of academics for the NWCC athletic department.
  2. Maintain a working knowledge of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and Mississippi Association of Community Colleges Conference (MACCC) rules and regulations pertaining to eligibility, recruiting, etc.
  3. Serve as an active member of the Senatobia Campus administrative and faculty team.
  4. Maintain constant dialogue with faculty to insure academic success.
  5. Assure that all student-athletes are adequately advised and registered for academic or career/technical instruction.
  6. Assure that the classroom performance and progress toward graduation of all student-athletes is monitored and are satisfactory.
  7. Work with four-year colleges and universities with proper documentation to assist student athletes with the transition after graduating from NWCC.
  8. Serve as liaison between the NWCC faculty, student-athletes, and coaching staffs.
  9. Establish, monitor, and coordinate study labs and individual tutoring sessions.
  10. Be accessible to visit with recruits as it relates to educational opportunities at NWCC.
  11. Monitor class attendance for the student-athletes and update the coaching staffs.
  12. Fulfill other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director and Senatobia Campus Vice President.
POSTED:  February 14, 2020 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: February 28, 2020

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Systems Administration Manager - Deadline for Application: February 24, 2020

POSITION: Systems Administration Manager QUALIFICATIONS: Proficiency configuring Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2016/VMware and Exchange. Experience with all Windows server/ PC operating systems. Active Directory knowledge and experience. Experience with Microsoft Office, Exchange, SCCM and Visio as well as Veeam Backup software a plus.  Experience in an education Information Technology environment a plus.  Must be familiar with the day to day activities of an IT Network Support department and have the passion to seek and obtain the knowledge to provide support in a VMware environment. Must have a willingness to learn, explore and seek out new technologies to assist the functions of the Network Support Department.  A minimum of two years previous work experience in the information technology field utilizing the qualifications listed above required. RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Supervise and support Systems Analyst position and coordinate all system administration activities.
  • Install and administer all the physical hosts that run the virtual environment (we have 44).
  • Install, maintain and administer all the virtual servers at the college (we have 98).
  • Configure the security for all three campuses
    • Administer all 5 firewall solutions
    • Implement micro segmentation across the college to better protect from Ransomware, Viruses or breaches
    • Maintain security policies in Active Directory
    • Configure and maintain client endpoint protection for all Faculty/Staff and Lab machines
  • Configure, administer and maintain the entire VDI environment for both faculty and labs
    • Deploy and patch all faculty machines
    • Install, patch and maintain the lab images across the 3 campuses
    • Handle the scripting that is deployed through the virtual environment
    • All software installs on both faculty and lab VM’s
  • Active Directory management
    • Create all student and faculty accounts
    • Create all Group Policies for computers and user-based policies.  This goes for all security policies of the college down to the department shares that people connect to on their computers
    • Maintain the replication between campuses so created users here can log on at other campuses and policies can be implemented across the college
  • Administer the Storage Arrays at the three campuses
    • Properly configure connections to attach the virtual and physical environment using NFS or ISCSI
    • Properly size Volumes or LUNS based on a need basis
    • Maintain quotas to ensure users have proper space
  • Backup and disaster recovery
    • Administer all the backups for all the servers
    • Administer all the snapshots across the storage arrays
    • Using strategies to replicate and vault servers to ensure the college is not affected in the event of a natural disaster
    • Backup of all Faculty VM’s to help in recovery of individual machines down to the single files lost, corrupt or accidently deleted
  • Server applications
    • Exchange Server
      • Create and maintain all employee mailboxes
      • Created all student Office 365 email accounts
      • Administer the “whitelisting and blacklisting” of all SPAM and filtering of email
      • Configuring of all the database and replications between servers in a DAG setup using the ISCI backend storage environment
    • Microsoft SCCM
      • Build and maintain all the images for traditional PC’s in labs and physical labs across all campuses
      • Patch all Windows Operating Systems across all college owned machines
      • Build packages to push new installs of software needed in labs and employee computers
    • Microsoft ADFS
      • Configure and administer all the Single Sign On for the college.  Allows for a single user name and password to work with Canvas, Email and the student information system.
    • Load Balancer
      • Leveraging VMware NSX to ensure high availably to critical applications like email and ADFS
    • Key management
      • Administer and the Key management services for Windows and Office products as well as handling specific software for classes that require a key server.
    • SQL Servers
      • Administer 14 SQL databases across 3 server instances.  These databases are used by everyone on campus from the physical plants key software to the ID badges
    • Windows Client Application Servers
      • DHCP and DNS servers so client machines can get on the computer to login
      • Print Servers at all campuses so lab and faculty computers can print
POSTED:    February 10, 2020 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:  February 24, 2020

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Afternoon/Evening Instruction Librarian - Oxford Campus - Deadline for Application: February 19, 2020

POSITIONAfternoon/Evening Instruction Librarian QUALIFICATIONS:

  1. ALA accredited Master’s Degree in Library Service
  2. Other credentials as deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees and Administration
  1. Assist in developing, maintaining, and evaluating the print and electronic collections to support instructional and recreational programs.
  2. Promote interest in the library and reading through displays, book discussions, social media, e-mails, and personal reading.
  3. Instruct library users by giving and planning instruction and tours and scheduling classes.
  4. Answer in-person, telephone, e-mail, and text questions, and aid students using copy machines, computers, and printers.
  5. Assist patrons in using the online catalog and other electronic tools and resources; assist and instruct patrons in using library services, equipment, and facilities; assist patrons with checking out, renewing, and returning materials.
  6. Provide reference services to library users.
  7. Create displays to enhance the library experience and to promote use of library resources.
  8. Participate in the library’s various social media outlets.
  9. Plan, prepare, and present outreach programs for the campus community.
  10. Maintain records of all current serials.
  11. Participate in library staff and faculty development meetings.
  12. Maintain membership in professional organizations and associations. Keep abreast of new developments in the profession.  Attend professional conferences and seminars.
  13. Maintain accurate circulation records by preparing clearance and lost materials reports.
  14. Maintain good working relations with faculty, staff, students and administration.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of The Learning Resources Center or the Administration.
  16. Conform to school policy as set down in the NWCC Policies and Procedures Manual.
REPORT TO: Head Librarian, Oxford and Dean of Oxford Center POSTEDFebruary 5, 2020 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: February 19, 2020 SALARY & BENEFITS: Based on a 10-month contract and previous library experience. HOURS: Early afternoon and evening, may vary

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WIN Job Center Office Manager/WIOA Career Navigator - Batesville, MS - Deadline for Application: February 19, 2020

POSITION: WIN Job Center Office Manager/WIOA Career Navigator Location: Batesville WIN Job Center, Batesville, Mississippi QUALIFICATIONS:

  • Bachelor’s degree, required
  • Proficient skills in computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, data input, and internet navigation required
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, required
  • Budgeting/bookkeeping experience preferred
  • Must be professional, detail oriented, well-organized, and dependable
  • Relative work experience preferred
RESPONSIBILITIES (not limited to):            
  • Manage day-to-day operations of the Batesville WIN Job Center
  • Ensure the WIN Job Center maintains a customer-centered environment
  • Promote WIN Job Center programs and services to area communities, employers, training providers, etc.
  • Work closely with internal/external partners to provide high-quality services
  • Refer customers/participants to internal/external partners for appropriate services
  • Register participants/customers for assessments and/or non-credit training programs
  • Enroll WIOA eligible participants, provide program services and follow-up activities according to policies/procedures
  • Refer participants to employers and training providers
  • Ensure WIOA goals and performance outcome measures are met
  • Maintain program budgets as required
  • Ensure participant documentation and reports are submitted appropriately and timely
  • Work closely with WIOA Fiscal staff to ensure requisitions and payments are promptly processed
  • Coordinate and schedule WIN Job Center activities/functions
  • Assist with local job fairs and other recruiting events
  • Attend meetings/events as required
  • Maintain open communication with WIOA director
  • Other duties as assigned by the WIOA director
 POSTED: February 5, 2020 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:  February 19, 2020

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Adjunct Instructor (Adult Education, ESL, Smart Start) – Job Pool Only

POSITION: Adjunct Instructor (Adult Education, ESL, Smart Start) – Job Pool Only POSITION SUMMARY INFORMATION: This announcement is to maintain a pool of qualified applicants. Submission of an application and our acceptance thereof does not indicate that there are positions open, and in no way obligates Northwest MS Community College. Provides instruction to adult education students. Plans, implements, documents, and evaluates instructional practices, procedures, and materials. Provides direct, on-site, daily supervision of academic assistants. Examples of Duties The following examples are intended only as illustrations of the various tasks performed by the incumbent in this position. These examples are not meant to be exhaustive; they are representative of the general functions of this position.

  • Provides instruction in literacy; adult education; HSE test preparation; English language acquisition; family literacy; (Integrated) English literacy and civics education; workforce preparation; integrated education and training, including career pathways; and workplace education, including National Career Readiness Certificate and Smart Start Pathway instruction.
  • Applies research-based instructional practices that incorporate the use of computers and other technologies.
  • Is knowledgeable of reading, writing, and/or math instructional strategies.
  • Uses instructional strategies, learning practices, and tools appropriate to the needs of the student.
  • Uses lesson plans that integrate instruction across content areas.
  • Provides continuous feedback and adjusts instruction to maximize student learning.
  • Collaborates with colleagues to develop and evaluate curriculum and materials aligned with CCRS.
  • Integrates work, family, and community related activities into instruction.
  • Administers and interprets appropriate placement and diagnostic tests.
  • Facilitates the transfer of learned skills from the classroom to the job.
  • Plans learning experiences that are interactive and relevant to the specific workplace environment.
  • Customizes and develops workplace education curriculum and lesson plans that facilitate transition from the classroom to the job based on the workforce goals and expected training outcomes.
Assessment and Monitors Learning
  • Uses formal and informal assessment data to monitor and document student progress.
  • Collects and manages accurate data for program improvement and accountability.
  • Participates in the retention and follow-up of students.
Classroom Management
  • Maintains knowledge of program guidelines, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Maintains student records.
  • Supervises and monitors academic assistants.
  • Makes referrals to community agencies or postsecondary institutions as appropriate.
  • Advocates adult education at the local and state level and explains the impact of under-education on employment and society.
  • Assesses adult education needs and promotes program in community.
  • Promotes use of community resources and participates in activities of other community agencies.
  • Recruits students and matches them with instructional staff.
Professional Development
  • Participates in required professional development activities.
  • Participates in additional professional growth opportunities to support student achievement.
  • Uses technology resources to engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Assesses personal strengths and weaknesses as a basis for developing a professional development plan.
Minimum Requirements Bachelor’s degree (Education, Adult Education or related field preferred) A copy of this degree is required on file at the local director’s office. All instructors hired must complete a mentorship under a certified Mississippi Adult Education Mentor and pass the Mississippi Adult Education competency test. All new instructors must attend the New Instructor Academy to learn basic instructional competencies and prepare for the state competency test.

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Customer Services Advisor - Batesville, MS -Deadline for Application: February 19, 2020

Position: Customer Services Advisor Location: Batesville WIN Job Center, Batesville, Mississippi Qualifications*:   Minimum Associate’s Degree is preferred; relative work experience preferred; excellent oral and written communication skills, required.  Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. and ability to assist customers with internet job searches, job applications, etc.  Strong customer service skills and ability to work with a variety of internal/external partners is required.  Preferred candidate must dependable, self-starting, and have a strong desire to assist individuals seeking employment, training, and other services offered through the WIN Job Center. Duties and Responsibilities (not limited to):

  • Greet, assist, and/or direct customers to appropriate service provider/partner
  • Answer telephones and route calls accordingly
  • Responsible for learning internal and external partners’ and community-based programs and services to appropriately assess customers’ needs and make referrals
  • Evaluate customers’ needs and refer to appropriate staff for service
  • Assist customers with resource room computers and equipment
  • Assist customers with registration, profile updates, job searches, self-referrals in MS Works/OESS, etc.
  • Assist staff with data entry, enrollment, services, follow-up activities, etc.
  • Maintain daily traffic logs and submits reports as required
  • Prepare the resource room for the day (starting computers, updating resource room materials, keep the area tidy, maintain and order supplies, etc.)
  • Maintain current information on services that are available
  • Register customers for assessments and/or non-credit classes
  • Maintain and order office supplies
  • Pick up, deliver and distribute mail/packages daily
  • Other duties as assigned
POSTED: February 5, 2020 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:  February 19, 2020

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Enrollment Specialist - DeSoto Center - Deadline for Application: Open until filled

POSITION:  Enrollment Specialist/DeSoto Center QUALIFICATION: Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree preferred.  Must have experience in the recruitment of new students and familiarity with the community college environment.  Applicant must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a college vehicle.  Applicant must have skills in current recruiting technology and social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, etc.  Proficient in both Mac and PC computer formats preferred.  Must also be able to carry quantities of recruiting materials modest distances and must be able to travel on a daily basis to include nights and weekends.  Applicant must be energetic, outgoing and have excellent communication skills. RESPONSIBILITIES: Recruit new students for admission to the College through visits to schools, local business and industries and community groups.  Assist with the operation of the Recruiting Office, including supervising student recruiters, conducting campus tours, and meeting with prospective students and parents.  Assist with operation of the Admissions and Records Office, including completing potential students’ records to ensure admission, assist in registration and orientation, and assist in all commencement ceremonies.  Perform other related duties contained in detailed job description. Job Description An Enrollment Specialist for the DeSoto Center assists in the recruiting of new students for admission and assists new students through the enrollment process to the College. The Enrollment Specialist plays a vital role in implementing a comprehensive recruiting and enrollment effort that provides accurate information through individual and group presentations to high school and community groups, visiting local business and industries and serving as a liaison between the college and local high schools as well as the community.  In addition, the Enrollment Specialist serves as the initial point of contact for all prospective students at the Desoto center. Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Promoting the college by traveling to high schools, local businesses and industries and community groups to make individual and group presentations.
  2. Assist with the operation of the Recruiting Office, including but not limited to supervising student recruiters, using social media to stay in touch with potential students, conducting campus tours, meeting with parents and prospective students and assisting with scholarship program.
  3. Utilize the CRM – Radius by Campus Management system to aid in the communication process guiding prospective students through the enrollment management process.
  4. Assist with the development and implementation of the comprehensive recruiting plan and strategic enrollment management plan.
  5. Assist with the operation of the Office of Admissions and Records including but not limited to processing student documents for admission, answering admission and enrollment questions, communicating applicant’s status within the enrollment process, as well as ensuring that all records are maintained and in compliance according to state and federal guidelines.
  6. Answer general questions about financial aid, provide students with information regarding Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and assist students with the completion of FAFSA.
  7. Work with the Financial Aid Office and Get2College in presenting workshops.
  8. Assist with orientation and registration of new students.
  9. Assist in commencement ceremonies.
  10. Prepare reports and presentations as needed.
  11. Research and embrace new technologies in student recruiting methods. Stay up to date with the use of social media to contact and correspond with potential students.
  12. Work with The University of Mississippi to promote the 2 + 2 and Path4 programs.
  13. Perform other related duties as requested by the Director of Recruiting, Registrar, and Dean of the DeSoto Center.
POSTED: December 17, 2019 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:  Open until filled

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Staff Architect and Compliance Coordinator - Deadline for Application: Open until filled

POSITION: Staff Architect and Compliance Coordinator QUALIFICATIONS:

  • Maintain a valid driver’s license.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from NAAB accredited school.
  • Preferred licensed by the MS State Board of Architecture
  • Minimum 3 years experience in architecture, design, construction, and/or contract administration of commercial buildings.
  • Experienced with compliance, interpretation, and implementation of ADA and ABAAG laws and regulations, IBC, and Life Safety Codes. Skilled and proficient in the production of CAD drawings using REVIT.
  1. Provides college wide support concerning Code compliance by reviewing or consulting with the appropriate professionals in order to render advice on issues with ADA, Life Safety or IBC.
  2. Coordinates purchases of supplies and sub-contracts for services for interior finishes, furniture, and supplies as related to construction projects. Acquisitions include following purchasing laws and policies, requisitions for Purchase Orders and credit card procedures.
  3. Prepares drawings and support for in-house Building Construction and Maintenance.
  4. Prepares designs and shop drawings for cabinet shop and select finishes.
  5. Maintains inventory of paper and electronic construction documents for all campus owned facilities.
  6. Maintains inventory of paper and electronic Master Key plans and records.
  7. Maintains inventory of sample library and coordinate finish selections for all projects.
  8. Provides college wide support with furniture and finish selections.
  9. Designs, implements and coordinates renovation and construction projects as assigned.
  10. Supports Director of Physical Plant with bid document review and construction/ contract administration.
  11. Performs all other duties as requested by the Director of Physical Plant.
POSTED:  December 13, 2019 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:  Open until filled

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Adjunct Career Technical Instructor (Pool Only)

Position: Adjunct Career Technical Instructor (Pool Only) Position Location: Pool Job Classification:  Part-Time Faculty (Adjunct)  POSITION SUMMARY INFORMATION: This announcement is to maintain a pool of qualified applicants. Submission of an application and our acceptance thereof does not indicate that there are positions open, and in no way obligates Northwest MS Community College. Applicants may indicate an interest in part-time positions for Northwest Mississippi Community College for all campus locations:   Senatobia (Main Campus), Oxford, Desoto, and Olive Branch. Mandatory:  Below are the general qualifications for CTE Instructors. Specific positions may have additional requirements such as a license or industry certifications And/OR A Master’s degree in the teaching discipline with a minimum of two (2) years of work experience in the field within the last five (5) years; AND/OR A Baccalaureate degree in the teaching discipline with a minimum of two (2) years of work experience in the field within the last five years; AND/OR An Associate degree in the teaching discipline with a minimum of four (4) years of work experience in the field within the last five (5) years. Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Teaches students the occupational competencies necessary for employment.
  2. Checks, maintains, and reports as required by the College the accurate attendance and absences for each student.
  3. Prepares course competency based outlines for each instructional course or program.
  4. Prepares detailed lesson plans, job sheets, and laboratory experiments for all units of instruction.
  5. Recommends changes in the total curriculum in order to maintain an up-to-date program.
  6. Develops and maintains the progress of each student in the program.
  7. Teaches related subject matter.
  8. Supervises all laboratory experience.
  9. Develops a schedule of courses for each semester.
  10. Reviews and selects instructional materials such as textbooks and audio visual materials.
  11. Completes requests for supplies and other instructional materials on a timely basis.
  12. Completes enrollment and follow-up reports.
  13. Assists in the development of an annual budget for the instructional program.
  14. Maintains a clean and safe laboratory environment.
  15. Recommends new and/or replacement equipment to be purchased for the program.
  16. Maintains proper inventory of all equipment and tools assigned to the program.
  17. Keeps equipment functioning and in good working order by establishing an effective preventive maintenance system.
  18. Maintains an active Advisory committee.
  19. Maintains good industry relations for the purpose of student placement for potential employees and donations.
  20. Takes an active role in the advisement, counseling of students and register students.
  21. Help students find employment in an occupation related to training.
  22. Fulfills the requirements of career license certification by attending specified classes and workshops.
  23. Serves on various faculty committees.
  24. Attends faculty meetings and professional development workshops and training.
  25. Performs all other duties as assigned.
Below are the CTE programs offered at Northwest Mississippi Community College.
Technical Programs           Career Certificate                          

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Adjunct Academic Instructor Pool Only

Position Title: Adjunct Academic Instructor (Pool Only)

Position Location: Pool - Desoto, Senatobia, Oxford and E-Learning

Full or Part Time: Part Time (Adjunct) 


Responsibilities:  This announcement is to maintain a pool of qualified applicants. Submission of an application and our acceptance thereof does not indicate that there are positions open, and in no way obligates Northwest MS Community College.

Mandatory:  Must include a transcript and resume (official transcript will be required if hired). A Master’s Degree with a minimum of eighteen (18) graduate hours in the specific subject area is required.

Desirable:  A broad understanding of current instructional methods, strong sense of professionalism and a serious commitment to academic excellence.

Listed below are the fields of academic studies:

  • Accounting 
  • Art                                                     
  • Biology                                               
  • Business Administration                 
  • Chemistry                                           
  • Computer Science                           
  • Criminal Justice                               
  • Education                                           
  • English                                               
  • Geography                                         
  • Health and Physical Education 
  • History
  • Math
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Speech
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Theater

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Workforce Trainers Application Pool Only

Position Title: Workforce Trainers (Pool Only) Position Location: Pool Full or Part Time: Part Time (Adjunct)   Position Summary Information This announcement is to retain a pool of qualified applicants. Submission of an application and our acceptance thereof does not indicate that there are positions open, and in no way obligates Northwest Mississippi Community College. Northwest Mississippi Community College’s Workforce Solutions and Career-Technical Education Division is looking for a pool of part-time Workforce Trainer(s) to teach Forklift Operations classes on-site at various manufacturing and distribution centers throughout Desoto County.  The candidate should have extensive forklift operation experience and knowledge of OSHA General Industry Standards regarding safe operation (29 CFR 1910.178: Powered industrial trucks). Prefer candidates with OSHA 10-Hour or 30-Hour General Industry credential. The candidate should have either successfully completed a Forklift Train-the-Trainer course or be prepared to complete one prior to starting. The position is part-time, meaning training hours will vary throughout the year, and is contingent on project funding approval from the Mississippi Community College Board. Job responsibilities:

  • Provide quality, hands-on, equipment specific instruction for any/all of the following types:
    • Sit Down
    • Reach
    • Order Picker
    • Dock Stocker
    • Swing Reach
  • Maintain a clean and safe training environment
  • Ensure proper safety requirements are taught extensively and supervises all training experiences
  • Checks, maintains, and reports as required the accurate attendance and absences for each trainee
  • Develops and maintains the progress of each trainee in the program
  • Completes enrollment and follow-up reports
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by Associate Dean of Workforce Solutions & Manufacturing Programs
For more information please contact:

Contact Name: Jay Treadway

Contact Title: Olive Branch Campus Director/Workforce Solutions Coordinator

Contact Phone: 662-996-1927

Contact Email: jtreadway@northwestms.edu

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This announcement is to maintain a pool of qualified applicants. Submission of an application and our acceptance thereof does not indicate that there are positions open, and in no way obligates Northwest MS Community College.



  • Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license
  • Must be able to lift and carry 30 pounds
  • Must be able to work from 4ft step ladder, continuously walk, climb stairs, stand, bend, and squat
  • Must be able to perform limited high work requiring stretching and reaching above head and shoulders
  • Minimum 1 year experience and working knowledge with janitorial equipment and supplies
  • High school diploma or equivalency preferred


  1. Efficiently perform basic housekeeping duties, including but not limited to:
    1. Sweep and mop floors
    2. Vacuums carpet and upholstery
    3. Dust and polish furniture, shelving, etc.
    4. Empty and clean trash containers, dispose of trash in a sanitary manner
    5. Clean, sanitize, and restock bathroom facilities
    6. Clean kitchen/ breakroom areas
    7. Wipes down glass surfaces.
    8. Clean entry doors and all windows inside and outside.
    9. Dry clean building porches and entrances.
    10. All other duties as assigned.
  2. Respond to calls for custodial problems, such as spills, special needs, etc.
  3. Appropriately use and dispense janitorial chemicals as needed
  4. Contribute to overall custodial team efforts in a professional manner.  Position is customer focused and requires verbal communication.
  5. Maintain a professional work environment, abiding by NWCC rules and policies.
  6. Participate in daily team meetings.  Attend safety meetings.
  7. Available to respond to housekeeping needs during after hour emergencies and inclement weather events.
  8. Report directly to Assistant Supervisor and Supervisor of Custodial Services
  9. Any and all other duties as assigned by Assistant Supervisor/ Supervisor of Custodial Services and/ or Director or/ Assistant Director of Physical Plant

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Landscape Laborer – POOL ONLY

This announcement is to maintain a pool of qualified applicants. Submission of an application and our acceptance thereof does not indicate that there are positions open, and in no way obligates Northwest MS Community College. POSITION:  Landscape Laborer –  POOL ONLY QUALIFICATIONS: 

  • Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license
  • Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds, continuously walk, stand, bend, squat, and sit
  • Must be able to work in conditions of high pollen, dust, or any other natural outdoor air quality
  • Experience and working knowledge with weed eaters, blowers, lawn clean-up equipment
  • High school diploma or equivalency preferred
  1. Weed eating, mowing, and blowing of all lawn areas
  2. Work on seasonal lawn projects including sod installation, bed weeding, mulching, digging, planting, campus wide clean up, drainage projects, and winter prep for turf.
  3. Work conditions are outside in all seasonal weather conditions.
  4. Maintain a professional work environment, abiding by NWCC rules and policies.
  5. Participate in daily crew meetings.  Attend safety meetings.
  6. Respond to inclement weather events, possibly at times when campus is closed.
  7. Any and all other duties in the areas of the physical plant construction, maintenance, grounds, etc. as assigned by the Grounds and Landscaping Supervisor, Assistant Director, and/ or Director of the Physical Plant.

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